BigCommerce Introducing: Make it Big 2021!

BigCommerce event is back! Make sure not to miss out!

BigCommerce’s Make it Big event is back — with more ecommerce legends and industry experts than ever before! This free virtual conference offers actionable insights to help your business create ecommerce experiences that captivate and convert. The on-demand conference launches on September 14th and ends September 15th, 2021.

This two-day, on-demand ecommerce conference is sponsored by Google and features global thought leaders who will help merchants build businesses on the cutting edge — ready for the future. Viewers will get access to exclusive video sessions featuring ecommerce leaders and industry experts like Mark Cuban, Neil Patel, Ann Handley, and more.

Make it Big is the largest online e-commerce conference of its kind that’s free and on-demand! Not only will they hear from the experts, and leave with takeaways on how to level-up their business, but you also get paid for any sign-ups you refer. A complete win-win!

Here are some featured topic sessions for a sneak peek:

  • Omnichannel Commerce
  • Transitioning from Offline to Online
  • B2B Ecommerce
  • Digital Trends
  • Holiday Best Practices
  • + more!



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    What is BigCommerce?

    Big Commerce BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform, launched in 2009, with the aim to allow different businesses to create an online store easily.

    Moreover, BigCommerce is a software as a service (SaaS) platform, which means that the user does not need to download any software and can access the platform from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    On the downside, this also means that the user does not own the software, but pays a fee monthly or annually to use it.

    In other words, BigCommerce is a closed-source solution.

    On the bright side, as opposed to some of the other types of solutions, SaaS systems usually take care of most maintenance aspects and tend to be easier to get up and running.

    Nevertheless, SaaS platforms can be a great solution for eCommerce beginners and those without a lot of technical knowledge. Even though they are closed source options.



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    BigCommerce Pricing Plans

    For those looking to try-before-they-buy, BigCommerce offers a free trial, where you can play around and get to know the tool before actually committing.

    The free trial lasts for 15 days, and only after that, you have to choose a plan. As for paid plans, BigCommerce offers 3 options – Standard, Plus, and Pro, each coming with different features and different prices.

    bigcommerce pricing

    However, in addition to these three plans, there is also an enterprise option for high-volume businesses. As the pricing is custom for this one is, the quote is only available through getting in contact with the sales personnel.

    BigCommerce’s most affordable plan – Standard – already comes with many of the platform’s valuable features, such as the possibility for multi-currency selling and unlimited storage, staff accounts, and a number of product listings.

    But, for those owning a physical store, the Standard plan also comes with an option for point-of-scale integration.

    This means that you can essentially unite both your physical store and online store, which allows for more comprehensive analytics of your store’s business processes.

    However, perhaps the most significant attribute missing in this plan is the abandoned cart saving, which is available with the more expensive plans.

    Other notable functions in the latter plans are Customer Groups in the Plus plan and Google Customer Reviews in the Pro plan.

    Customer Groups let you divide customers into different segments, which means you will get a more organized overview of who you customers are.

    Based on this information you can create a loyalty program and set up discounts or exclusive access.

    Google Customer Reviews allows you to obtain feedback from your customers and eventually become eligible for seller ratings which can help you to reach even more customers.

    However, it is worth noting that all of these plans come with their own sales limits, which essentially means that BigCommerce limits how much you are able to sell within a plan per year

    This is something to keep in mind because if you exceed the set sales limit you can be automatically upgraded to a more expensive plan, which will lead to higher than expected costs.

    The limits of online sales per year are showcased below:

    • BigCommerce Standard – up to 50,000 USD
    • BigCommerce Plus – up to 180,000 USD
    • BigCommerce Pro – up to 400,000 USD
    • BigCommerce Enterprise – custom

    These are calculated based on trailing 12-months, as in a consecutive 12-month period not usually representative of a fiscal year.

    The company does state that if one is approaching the limit or has exceeded it, an alert will be presented on the control panel.



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