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7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features in 2018

CDN provide better speed and optimization for website that helps in SEO.

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CDN spread the static content of your site on its server that is situated around the world. By this, you reach closer to your website users and provide them with a better performance. CDN providers improve your performance and SEO.

In other words, CDN reduces the loading time of your time because now your static content is nearly to your website user.

This service not olny decrease both page-load times and the badnwidth coast, but also reduce the stress and load on hosting server.

How CDN Work?

CDN stands for content delivery networks. A CDN network saves your static content on its multiple servers that are spread over worldwide and it reduces the distance between your site user and your main hosting server.

By this, your user comes near to the site content and access your site contents from CDN server instead of hosting server. The content delivery path goes reduce and become shorter due to this loading time decreases and users can access your site faster.

Why add CDN Network on your site?

  • Improve site loading speed
  • Increase your site security
  • Inetigate SSL on site
  • Combine & compress CSS, JS and HTML of site

WordPress need CDN?

WordPress is already optimized for speed but like other sites, it also saves its content on hosting server. but if you use CDN for wordpress then it will reduce site loading speed. combine CSS, Js and HTMl of WP site and some of CDN service also provide SSL to make your site more worthy and secure.

It can be easily done by registering on CDN service and using a plugin.

So in my opinion you should use CDN for your wordpress site to make it fater, secure and optimized.

Before explore Find more about CDN :

7 Best CDN Providers To Improve Performance

Here is list of some of best CDN providers with their plans and features to pick one right CDN for you site.

#1. Max CDN

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features

MaxCDN is one of the most popular Content Delivery Network in the worlds. MaxCDN is a stack path company founded in 2009  and their headquarter is situated in the US. Their servers are placed across 56 servers to maximize site performance.

If your website has a global audience, you’ll appreciate the large number of server locations that are distributed across the US, South America Europe, Asia, and Australia.

MaxCDN is compatible with all most popular CMS(Content management system) like wordpress, Magento, Drupal etc,

With free test accounts and a 30-day money back guarantee, MaxCDN makes it easy to try out their service with little risk.

MaxCDN Plans :

MaxCDN plan start from $9/month, you can also take their free test drive by personally contact them

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans And Features

MaxCDN Key Features:

  • Multiple locations across four regions
  • Integrate SSL(No etc charge)
  • Real-time analytics and report
  • High-level security
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free test account option


#2. Cloud Flare

Cloudflare is a highly reliable CDN service provider for protecting your website and boosting its performance even under Free plans. It has a global presence with 115 data centers spread across North and South America , Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Africa, Middle East etc.

Cloudflare uses ‘Anycast’ to create extremely resilient network. The built-in load balancing and automatic failover features help to maintain the service deliverability, despite losing 50% of the network.

CloudFare also offers Free Service for wordpress users and other it is simply integrate by its owl Cloud flare plugin.

CloudFlare Plans:

CloudFlare provide free service or premium service its premium service start from $20

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans And Features

Key Features:

  • A global network of data centres
  • Flat fee pricing – not charged by bandwidth usage
  • Threat blocking and bot limiting features
  • Quick setup with custom WordPress plugin
  • Integrates with popular WordPress caching plugins
  • Forever-free entry-level plan

#3 Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront integrates with all the Amazon Web Services and delivers content, applications and APIs – with low latency and higher transfer speeds.

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features

It offers high availability and scalability across 21 countries through 77 edge locations and 11 regional edge cache locations that help in maintaining high-cache hit ratios. It also allows you to use your own domain name and SSL certificate at no additional cost, and provides a complete secure environment to host any website.

Although the pricing is very competitive, with a free 1-year starter tier, getting started with Amazon CloudFront is a little more detailed than some of the other options listed here. Thankfully, you can follow our guide to installing a CDN on your WordPress website using Amazon CloudFront to simplify the process.

Amazon CloudFront Key Features:

#4 Js Delivr

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features

jsDelivr is a free and open source CDN that has specifically been designed for webmasters and developers. It hosts all kind of files such as JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins along with workable files like CSS, fonts and more.

jsDelivr uses the unique multi-CDN load balancing – for delivering best possible uptime and performance, especially in cases where if one server goes down, the traffic can be re-directed to the other functioning servers.

JsDeliver CDN Plans:

it is totally free to use.

JsDeliver CDN key features:

  • Totally free
  • integrate with js Deliver WordPress plugin
  • Open source CDN
  • store plugins, CSS, fonts, and JavaScript.
7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features in 2018
Save me 🙂

#5 Key CDN

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features

KeyCDN is another popular and feature-loaded CDN service that provides advanced technology and optimizations at a much affordable price – even if the bandwidth is increased.

They use 100% SSD-optimized servers for low latency, and all of their points-of-presence are located in premium SSAE 16-compliant data centers such as Coresite, Digital Realty, Equinix and Softlayer.

Other KeyCDN features include the intuitive dashboard; HTTP/2 for faster delivery; GZip compression for faster data accessibility; real-time reporting; extensive security (with DDoS protection, shared or custom SSL, secure token etc); origin shield and much more.

KeyCDN supports all platforms such as Drupal, vBulletin, Magento, Joomla, WordPress etc.

KeyCDN Price Plans:

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans And Features

KeyCDN key Features:

  • Multiple locations across four regions
  • Detailed user dashboard
  • Real-time usage reporting
  • Instant content purge
  • Security features
  • WordPress integration support
  • Image optimization service
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Flat rate usage pricing

#6 Incapsula

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features

Incapsula is the best cloud based and robust CDN you can find to improve your site performance.

The dynamic caching technology ensures that the content is fresh and the bandwidth consumption is reduced. The page loading time and user experiences are further improved through the content and networking optimizations.

It provides unmatchable security to a website and block threats using the integrated DDoS protection and web application security services, while also offering real-time traffic monitoring, failover and load management features.

Incapsula Price Plans:

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans And Features

Incapsula CDN Key Features:

  • Reported average website speed boost of 50%
  • Global network of 28 data centers
  • Optional caching services
  • Free entry-level plan
  • 14-day free trial for premium plans

#7 Jetpack Photon

Top 7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features

If you don’t need a full CDN service but would like a way to speed up your website by offloading the delivery of your image files, then the free Photon service is a good option.

Photon is used on the WordPress.com websites that are managed by Automattic. However, self-hosted WordPress website owners also have the option of using this service through the Jetpack plugin.

Once you’ve activated Photon on your website, any images used in your posts and pages will automatically be sent to the global WordPress.com cloud. This takes a load off your web host and should improve the loading times experienced by your visitors.

One limitation of Photon is that your images are cached “forever.” Therefore, if you refresh an image, you’ll need to change the filename to ensure the new version is displayed to your visitors.

Jetpack Photon Price Plan:

Free or Paid

Active Jetpack Photon CDN Free:

Jetpack is activated on 1million+ website today. mostly website uses this plugin for limit login attempts and for site states.

Jetpack CDN is made for WordPress Site Images.

To activate this CDN –

WordPress Dashboard  >> Jetpack >> Setting >> Writing 

Scroll down until “speed up your site” section and then enable Serve Images from our servers service.

Also, enable lazy load images for improve website speed.

Jetpack Photon CDN


Jetpack Photon CDN Key Features:

  • Easy to setup
  • A basic alternative to a full CDN service
  • Free to use for Jetpack-connected WordPress sites
7 Best CDN Providers With Plans, Price And Features in 2018
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