12 Attractive Blog Titles that make Highest Organic Traffic

Write Attractive & Catchy Post Title heading is vitally important for getting a click on the post and make it more shareable. it Also helps to find a new blog post title idea.

WordPress Blog Title decides a new click on Google search result page while the new user searches something and found search result, then Post Title that appears on SERPs make the important role. if your post title heading is impressive and catchy then you have more chance to click on your site and to get more visitors.

Bonus: This article will help you to write catchy, effective and attractive blog post title and also find to your next post idea.

Write a Most Reachable & Shareable Post Title


Most Reachable


Most Shareable


In this article, here 7 best tricks that you should use in your next post title and this tricks also give an idea about a new post.

How To Write Effective Blog Post Title

#1. Write a hot trending title

Write a new hot & trending article have more chance to get clicks.

Fruitful tip! these types of the topic also get more searches on google and this kind of post share more time.

Take a look at what’s happening in your market. What’s hot? What are the current trends? And create a blog post around those with your predictions for the new year.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • Why you should invest in bitcoin.
  • How GST will change Indian economy.
  • Are you Afraid of your Adhar Security?
Tricks! Read newspapers & magazines. find out what people are looking for.


#2. Things you might not know about me

Become a transparent blogger is may be a good idea to share yourself with visitors.

People don’t want cheesy marketing messages… they want YOU.

Your story… Your life… Your own unique personality infused into everything you do.

Think 1 minute

Which pro blogger do you like?
  1. who write about his blogging income & share his personal blogging experience.
  2. who write about only blogs, tutorials don’t share anything with visitors.

If I’m right, you should go with option-1 so share about yourself, your personal experience and make this your blog post title.

Visitors will confirm like you and again want to visit your site.

And now you have found your next blog title.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • 33 Things I’ve Never Told You
  • It’s My Birthday and I’ll Blog When I Want To
  • 26 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 26 Years of Living
  • 30 More Life Lessons From 30 Years
Tricks! Become more transparent and share everything because they want to know about yourself


#3. ‘Famous person’ ‘Fire Word’ to _______

Start your title with famous person name and use some fire words(guide, ultimate, perfect, tips, review) to make a perfect catchy post title.

Share what you have read in a book, newspaper & magazine.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • Jeff Bezos’s ‘Secret’ to Unusual Marketing
  • Bill gates Guide to Social Media
  • The Steve Job’s Guide to Time Management
  • The Justin Bieber Guide to Dating
  • Divesh Diggiwal guide to entrepreneurship.
Trick! Read more blogs, magazines and famous people books to get a guide.


#5. Case Study

People love to get a behind-the-scenes look at EXACTLY how someone has achieved a certain goal.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • How I get 2000 facebook likes in 1 week.
  • How I lose 10KG weight in 30 days.
  • My Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.
  • My 3-year experience of Siteground hosting.
Trick! Create a simple survey for 1 month for visitors, your new post title is ready.
My 1month survey about __________.


#6. Products Showdowns

Visitors exactly want to know which product is best and what’s your review.

Compare two services or software and help to choose them one who fulfilled their requirements.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • Mailchimps Vs Convertkit – which one is best mail client.
  • Bluehost Vs Siteground – which one you should choose and why.
  • Why I use and recommended Publisher theme.


#7. ‘X’ Things you must do after

That’s my favorite post title heading.

It’s fun and easy to write. Entertaining for your reader and it plays on our natural curiosity.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • 7 Things You Must Do after Writing a Blog Post
  • 7 Things You Must Do After Buy A Hosting
  • 3 Things You Must Do After WordPress Install


#8. The Tools of The Trade

Give people a behind-the-scenes look at the tools you use in your business. People love these types of posts. If you want to take it one step further, shoot a video of your office. You’ll create instant engagement with your readers.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • The Top 12 Marketing Tools I Use in My Business
  • 7 Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without
  • 18 Must-Have WordPress Plugins
  • (LIVE Video) A Look Inside My Office


#9. Facts & Myths

Sharing some myths can impress your visitor to click on your headline. writing about some facts and after a  research some niche topic.

Some example headlines you could use…

  • Top 7 Dieting Myths Debunked
  • Some WordPress blogger facts.

Trick! Find out some tricks and mention them in your post.


#10. Things I Wish I Had Done Differently

Share your personal experience with your visitors and make it your next post title.

Some examples:

  • 10 Lessons I Learned in 2011
  • 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started
  • 12 Things I Would Do If I Were Starting From Scratch

Trick! Share your personal tools, service, And reviews.


#11. (Insert Desired Benefit) That No One Talks About

As humans, we naturally want to listen in

  • Traffic Strategies That No One Talks About
  • Weight Loss Secrets That No One Talks About
  • Dating Advice That No One Talks About


#12. Ultimate Guide

Ultimatemate guides are always fruitful for beginners and at a time in somewhere in world anyone is searching for some guides that are ultimate and unique.

Some examples:

  • How to Create a Facebook Landing Page
  • The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing
  • 21 Steps to 1,000 Visitors Per Day
  • 500+ Places to Syndicate Your Content


At Last:

Write a perfect post title is most important part of On-Page SEO.

I hope, All these above tricks helps you to write catchy, effective and attractive blog post title.

Last Tricks or Recipe for catchy, effective and attractive blog post title.

  • 1 trending topic +
  • with ultimate guide +
  • with one fire word +
  • with some facts +
  • with your review
Example: 12 Ultimate Guide to Write Attractive & Catchy Post Title –  That I Use


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