5 Passive Income Ideas to Earn $1000 Per Month

Create long-lasting sustainable income every month

Is there anything better than waking up daily just to see an influx of cash received throughout the night? Imagine making money while you are busy doing other things optimizing your capacity to grow your equity. Then, you should get started to earn passive income.

Traditionally, iIncome come in two forms; active and passive. According to Investopedia active income is income received from performing a service actively, while passive income is income derived from owning an assets in which one is not actively involved in the said asset’s income creation, you simply just receive a share of the income without doing anything actively. Let me provide som examples; getting dividends from owning a stock or bond, renting out property or peer-to-peer (P2P) lending by earning an interest.


So, as the great investor Warren Buffet has most famously been quoted for; “If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”


So, just not take my word for it, that passive income is the way to make you financially independent, take it from – probably – modern times greatest investor.


So, how do you get started with generating your passive income? We have compiled a list of 5 great passive income ideas you can get started with today to pave your way towards financial independence:


1. Stock Dividends

Notoriously the most fundamental passive income strategy is earning dividends from owning financial assets. Services such as Fundrise, Betterment or Groundfloor are great tools to get starting building your passive income revenue stream which will help you make money around the clock. Make sure to diversity your portfolio, and spread out your investment in order to mitigate volatility and risks. You don’t what to place all your eggs in one basket.

So, whether Entertainment, Airlines or Wholesale floats your boat, make sure you have the full overview of industries and segments to invest in here. Unmistakably it takes time and consistency to build and earn lucrative dividends from owning financial assets, yet when you have build your diversified portfolio you can easily earn $1000 per month.  A stock dividends passive income strategy does not have to be cash intensive, thus you can get started with few pennies. But hey, you have to start somewhere, right?


2. Rental Properties

If I asked you; what type of investment has historically yielded the highest return? Owning bonds, creating a business and selling it, or stocks? Well you might have guessed it, the answer is rental properties.

If you haven’t inherited a millon dollars to get starting buying up properties and renting them out, your way into this lucrative passive income stream is through crowdfunding. Services such as RoofStock, DiversyFund and CrowdStreet lets you invest in rental in a completely laid-back way. You can get started with as little as $500 to generate your passive income making crowdfunded rental properties an easy accessible passive income strategy of physical assets.

If you are a big baller and you have a bigger investment budget, CrowdStreet is the service for you. This service requires a minimum investment of $10,000, however provides you with the opportunity to invest directly into properties after your choosing while taking no fees.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as a passive income strategy is fairly new compared to the two aforementioned income strategies. Before you get started with this strategy, you should be aware that affiliate marketing requires you to have a website or other platform you can utilize for promoting purposes of other companies or ‘affiliates’, and thus a great way to start generating passive income. Okay, the concept is quite simply, and the way it works is that when someone from your website or platform makes a purchase by clicking a affiliate link for a product or service via your website you get paid a fee. When you have decided to pursue an affiliate marketing passive income strategy make sure to check out our discount overview here to get great deals!

If you don’t necessarily have a website to get started, you can easily get started with affiliate marketing with YouTube, podcast or other media platforms. The key is to have a communication channel in which possible customers – via your platform – get affiliated with a purchase for you to get a kick-back.


4. Display Ads

Our fourth passive income strategy that you should consider is displaying ads on your website, preferably your blog. This strategy best suits the blogging platform, which you can get help to get started with right here! 

The beauty of having an online blog – or property – is that you determine what you want to display on your website. Think display ads, as the ads that are displayed along the highway which you cruise along. With this analogy, the highway is your website, the drivers your online traffic and the advertisers possible customers. By having display ads featured on your website, you get to choose which products you want to promote, and you get paid by visitors on your website click the banners, or simply by the amount of traffic your website attracts. Furthermore the display ads are passive, thus your visitors might not ‘take it to heart’ that you display advertisement on your website. Before you get started with your display ads on your blog, make sure to check out some great tips for your blog!


5. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending

Our final proposal for a profitable passive income strategy is peer-to-peer lending (P2P). The concept is simple, you lend money to borrowers and earn an interest. Like with all investments, return and risk go hand in hand, so pick and choose loan requests which suit your budget and does not financially ruin you if you don’t see the money again. Various providers facilitates P2P lending, and I would like to highlight Prosper, Twino and ViVentor where you can browse through the loan request and pick those that match your budget. Typically the returns that you can expect is within 5-10%, which of course can be higher if you choose more riskier loan requests. This is all up to your risk profile and preferences! Likewise with stock dividends, this passive income strategy requires little active maintenance, thus a great passive income strategy which you can use to gradually scale up your investments and potentially your returns, however be sure you are aware that most P2P lending providers tend to offer personal loans rather than real estate investment loans.



Passive income is the way to generate a sustainable, long-term income stream for you. It works and acts a bit like a compounding curve, where a lot of effort is put in up front – with very little return – but as time goes by, the income starts to compound.

Be smart about the passive income that you generate, re-invest it into other assets that generate passive income. If you do, you will see how your passive income starts to compound fast, showing an exponential curve taking off faster than you know it!

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