10 Hacks for Bing Ads

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Bing. Yes, Bing. I know what you might think, but hear me out.

Usually when people think search engine, they think Google. ‘Let me Google that for you’ is probably one of the most used sentences world wide, however Bing is anything but a waste of time.

In 2015, 1 out of 5 people used Bing. As of May 2016, Bing’s market share was growing while Google’s was decreasing. So, this brings evidence to the fact, that people actually use Bing.
Like other search engines, Bing also offers ads.

There is a solid reasoning behind using Bing Ads. Bing receives 11 billion monthly searches and 59 million users that are exclusive to Bing, which is lower than Google, but sometimes, less is more. To see why, check out our comparison of Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

So, how do you get started? We have made up a list of 10 Bing hacks that tech and online advertising wizards use to get the most out of Bing Ads:


1. Time Zone Feature

Bing has an awesome feature where you can set specific time zones for your ads. When using this feature, you make sure you target the different regions you want to target, at the right time when traffic is high:

By not setting time zones you might marketing your products without returned the most bang for your buck, or might waste your precious earned marketing budget hurting your return on advertisement (ROA). Setting specific time zones is a huge leap in the right direction avoiding that.


2. Picky about Devices?

Bing allows you to specify particular devices you want to target, even specific operating systems. This detailed hack will bring you great advantages if you know your target audience and their preferred devices:

This hack also comes in handy if you want to target particular operating systems and a useful segmentation tool if you are in a niche which requires so. In addition also make sure you have the perfect web hosting. Why also limit yourself to be picky about devices or operating systems? You deserve the best!


3. I Spy with My Little Eyes

Interested to know how your competitors are doing? Bing has the answer by providing key metrics of your competition in your segment:

This hack enables you to measure your marketing efforts directly with your industry competitors, and a useful tool to assess if your efforts are paying off.


4. Target Marketing

Bing allows you set categories, actions, labels or values in your custom event in order to target your marketing efforts to those who have interacted with your site:

As the case may be, it is much easier to retain a current customer and get new sales, rather than to engage with a new customer. So, with this hack Bing Ads provides you with an ace in your sleeve for your marketing strategies by targeting specific segments which you know will lead to a sale. Make sure to check out Bing Ads Coupons for 2020.


5. Business to Business? – Target LinkedIn

With Bing Ads you can target LinkedIn profiles from another source than LinkedIn itself. Bing Ads is the only search engine that allows you to do that:

So, do you find yourself in a value chain in which your customers are businesses, LinkedIn might be the preferred social media channel to concentrate your advertisement efforts.


6. Use Bing Webmaster Tools

Google has Google Search Console, Bing has Webmaster Tools. The two services are quite similar, so if you are familiar with Google Search Console you will have no issues working your way around Webmaster Tools.


The feature you should focus on the most, is the Bing Webmaster Tools research feature. This feature is specific and unique for Bing, thus it will help you identify relevant keywords. And as a bonus, it works much better than a standardized online research tool.

However, the research feature is only one but many Bing Webmaster Tools features to use and explore. So knock yourself out!


7. Refine Your Quality Score

Remain relevant over time with your user queries are important to stay ahead. In order to do just that, it is crucial that your refine your quality score.

In refinement of your quality score, Bing offer the feature of assessing your site performance of your landing page, ads and key words. In doing so, the click-through-rate (CTR) score, landing page experience score and ad relevance score to calculate your overall quality score.

The quality score scale goes from 1-10, and you should target a score of 7 or above which would indicate your ad(s) are competitive and has a higher than average CTR compared to comparable sites.


8. Set Your Own Rules

In order to manage many ad campaigns it can be helpful to set automated rules to cope with the workload. This way, you can better keep track on your ad campaigns, and cover a larger playing field after your gameplan.

Bing Ads offer different rules you can set, where I would highlight the following:

  • Change/update campaign budget
  • Set notification rules
  • Pause or enable campaign
  • Change/update bids
  • Raise bid to the top of the page or to the first page

The rules feature is available at the keyword, ad and ad group level, and combined with trends this becomes a powerful tool to manage your ad campaigns successfully. So, get started today with your automated ad rules to make sure you never miss a campaign opportunity or save cost on your ad management.


9. Search Partner Network – Best Fit For You?

Bing Ads are displayed by default on Bing’s search partner sites. These niche sites, are all sites in the Yahoo! Bing Network that are not Yahoo! or Bing. This might fit your business, it might not. Given the latter, you might want to opting out of this default feature, as I might give you the most targeted and highest quality traffic.

On the upside, you do get more exposure and traffic from your campaigns, yet be aware whether this is desirable for your marketing purpose.


10. Bing Ads Editor

This feature is for the fully committed marketer who wants to get the most out of your Bing Ads. The Bing Ads Editor is a full-fledged program/feature you can open on your desktop and use to customize your ads.

This program gives you many opportunities to design your ads to match your style. The opportunities are (almost) endless, so it is an awesome tool for the creative marketer who wants to geek out on ad customizations and visual presentations.


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